Everything you need to fast-track your new business and build a bulletproof brand that your customers will trust!

Join Chantal Roeske, MBA of Launch Branding & Strategy for an info-packed 6-week course that will transform your new business’s digital marketing plan! Designed with the start-up in mind, it’s everything you need to hit hard, but it’s also an amazing tool for existing business owners who want their brand to be more defined, or for the entrepreneur who is rebranding or refining their business. You’ll work at your own pace, and you can start at any time! But you won’t be on your own. We’ll be there each step of the way, with personal communication and advice for your business.

Here’s what is included in this high-quality digital course comprised of video lessons, worksheets, templates and resources, and real-time interaction with your coach:

  • WEEK ONE: How to create your brand’s message, mission, and story
  • WEEK TWO: Help with identifying your unique value and your precise target audience/customers
  • WEEK THREE: Exercises and resources to put marketing and operational procedures into place, saving you time and sanity
  • WEEK FOUR: How to choose your focus when it comes to social networks and a digital marketing plan
  • WEEEK FIVE: Valuable advice and templates to help you create quality content (social media posts, blogs, etc.) for your business
  • WEEK SIX: Creating targeted advertisements and help with your ad budget (AKA–how to make it stretch!)

Your purchase also includes:

  • EMAIL CHECK-INS: One weekly email check-in to discuss your objectives and progress
  • TWO COMPLIMENTARY COACHING CALLS (a $300 value) Via phone or Zoom, students receive (2) thirty-minute coaching calls. These valuable coaching calls are made directly with Launch’s Chief Strategist and Owner, Chantal Roeske. The first will serve as an introduction to your unique business so that the course can be guided specifically for you. Your last coaching call will be your final capstone during week six, assisting you in processing and applying your knowledge. It’s where the rubber hits the road! These two coaching calls alone make the value of this course through the roof.

You’ll receive all 6 weeks at once, with the ability to work at your own pace and schedule your coaching calls in a window of time that works best for your lifestyle.

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Start-Up & Branding Bootcamp will be available for purchase beginning on Friday, June 24th.

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