Business Coaching in West Michigan & Beyond

Let’s put the focus all on your and your business!

What’s the problem with business coaching these days? 

Well, let’s start with something you may have noticed–there are a lot of “coaches” out there in the business space. Some of them might label themselves “branding” coaches–but what is making them qualified to do so? When I click on someone’s credentials, I don’t expect to see “coffee-lover” or “Abba fan” making the cut.  I want–matter of fact I NEED–to know:

  • How many successful businesses have you started? Or ran yourself?
  • What qualifies you to teach me?
  • How can you make my life different?

You need a teacher, not a cheerleader.

You are often too close to your own business or dreams to see patterns, areas for growth, or opportunities to develop. Working with a  business coach brings you to your full potential, and helps your business grow much faster!

I’m Chantal Roeske!  

Chief Strategist and Owner of Launch Branding & Strategy

And I’d love to answer those questions for you! I’ve personally owned 7 businesses in my lifetime–and that means I know the taste of failure.  Certainly, I’ve made mistakes and learned from it  (so that you don’t have to!) However, that made me stronger and led to successful triumphs and the two very successful businesses I currently own and have operated for 12+ years.

How many businesses have I created? Now that’s a different story! Over the last twenty years, I have helped hundreds of business owners and entrepreneurs–some from the absolute ground up, and many others along the way to building .

My Master’s degree is in Business Administration with a focus in marketing, so I understand the complex nuances of business finances and operation, yet I cherish the creative and challenging work that is marketing for any audience. I also hold multiple bachelor’s degrees in communication and public relation, so I’m a word and connection junkie. Nothing makes me feel more alive than understanding and serving people, and I want to give those gifts to you as you thrive with your goals.

Your Life Will Transform With Business Coaching

Simply put, it’s life-changing to identify your problems or big ideas and receive constructive feedback with actionable goals and steps.

Quite often I hear from clients, “I couldn’t have done this without you!” and though I truly appreciate the kudos, I know it’s more about connecting with a professional who will help you see the truths that you might otherwise be blind to. Sometimes, one insightful question can change everything. Or, feeling validated about your inspiring ideas! If you’re experiencing anxiety about the tremendous “to-do” list there seems to be with starting a business, coaching calls can help you identify your most important tasks and make REAL progress with your endeavors.

Most importantly, applying your knowledge is key. Unlike a motivational coach who might offer you “accountability” Launch Business Coaching Calls offers you SOLUTIONS and STRATEGY.

For the Start-Up Entrepreneur
For the Business Owner With Big Ideas
During a Rebrand
When You Feel Stuck or Need to Recharge

1-hour Coaching Call for $150

You can also purchase multiple coaching calls at a discount! 

Payment is due up to the day of your scheduled call, before the call takes place. You’ll receive more info once you’ve scheduled!

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