Getting Brand Strong

Flirt Fitness studio was a power in its own right when they came to us as a branding and content creation client. Amy, Flirt’s owner and creator, had created an exceptionally safe and welcoming environment for her pole fitness students. She also had a talented and supportive team. Her business was rocking and rolling–but they needed to show that success and amazing spirit to their audience online.

Launch Branding & Strategy came on board to create engaging, targeted content for Flirt’s social media that represented their incredible brand in an authentic way.  Our unique “Content Capture” commercial photo and video sessions provided an opportunity to create beautiful media for Flirt to utilize on its social media channels and for targeted advertisements.

Exceptional Photos & Video
Audience/Demographic Targeting
Social Media Management
Targeted Ad Placement
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Amy really had the formula for success–hard work, dedication to your customers, and a wealth of inspiring ideas! She also knew that in order to grow further, she’d need to delegate. SMART!

That’s just where Launch loves to enter, amplifying success and lifting busy business owners up with the support they deserve and so desperately need! We help bring your visions to life using expressive commercial photography and videography, wordsmithing and an eye for brand consistency. 

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