Setting the Tone

When Forrest Tax and Launch Branding & Strategy joined forces in 2019, this powerhouse accounting firm was already in an explosive stage of growth, and ready for more! Owner and senior accountant Ashley was a business mastermind, and she already knew she didn’t have time to micromanage her socials and marketing endeavors. However, the company that was providing service to her from afar didn’t really understand Forrest Tax & Accounting Service’s fabulous and unique presence!

Because Ashley’s business was so full of personality and connection with their clients, a tailor-suited and perfectly curated online presence was needed. Launch arrived with all things marketing–social management, photo & video, and the support that Forrest Tax needed to communicate to the world just exactly how awesome they truly are!

Exceptional Photos & Video
Live Event Support
Social Media Management
Targeted Ad Placement
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Watching Forrest Tax & Accounting Services expand and reach more very happy customers has been our absolute pleasure. And, as businesses grow and expand, their needs change. Targeted ad placements must be refined, new campaigns are born, and old ones are retired as they may not serve the vision of growth. Taking that ride with Ashley and her staff has been inspirational–and the success and development isn’t over!

An important part of utilizing Launch’s marketing services is that we serve as creative support for entrepreneurs who are changing their plans, refining their messages, and polishing our images. We LOVE being the sounding board and working to support incredible services like Forrest Tax & Accounting.

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