How Glow Went from Start to Wild Success

When Ashley first came to Launch Branding & Strategy, she knew she wanted to start a body sculpting business. She had the passion and the work ethic, but she wasn’t sure how to apply it, or what even to name her new venture. 

From choosing a business name to her website creation and marketing plan, to her strategy for growth, Launch was by her side. A beautiful website, business cards and flyers were created. Launch also implemented scheduling software for Ashley and GLOW Body Sculpt, making it easy for her clients to schedule online. Finally, our company assisted in helping Ashley with her business plan and pricing, as well as growth strategies in the future (such as teaching her first course as an established business owner!)

Name/Concept Creation
Business Systems in Place
Marketing & Content
Visit Glow Body Sculpt!

The story isn’t finished yet but it has an amazing start–Ashley took off with a bang, and immediately began growing her business. Appointments increasingly came in–fast enough that she began to change her life plan! With so many customers (and too many for her to handle on her own) she brought additional staff on, and then began to consider scaling or marketing her own knowledge as an instructor. When the final choices were made about future endeavors, Launch was there to help Ashley plan and implement her first education course that would bring her business more income in a new and exciting way.

We’re so proud of you, Ashley!

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