Episode 3: How to Handle Bad Reviews

Launch My Branding
Launch My Branding
Episode 3: How to Handle Bad Reviews

There may be no worse feeling than receiving a notification only to find out…it’s a dissatisfied customer.

MOST business owners have been there before–and the good news is, negative feedback helps us grow! But, whether the harsh words are verbal, in an email, or out there in a Google or Facebook review for the whole world to see, those words don’t land lightly on professionals who care about their craft, product, or service.

For many of us, our brands and businesses are so much more than that. So, a bad review feels like a direct hit to our sense of self.

The good news? Today’s episode breaks down some SUPER easy steps that will have you gracefully responding to anything that comes your way–and impressing your future customers, to boot.

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Today’s episode was inspired by a single article that I read and wanted to break down/give my own spin on with actional steps–you can find that article here:

Signpost.com: How to Respond to Negative Reviews

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