Ground Up to Scaling

In 2016, Chrissy was a talented tattoo artist with a dream. She knew she wanted to open her own business–someplace that felt different than any other tattoo shop she’d ever known. Her goal of creating a safe haven for women and a space that offered more than just tattoos was in its beginning stages, and she wanted to do it right. She had a name, a building, and her eyes on the prize.

What Chrissy didn’t have was a brand story, a logo, a website, or the idea of what to say to her new audience.  

Our first task was to refine her messaging and unique value proposition–the promise of an exceptionally comfortable, safe and even spiritual experience of getting a tattoo! 

Brand Story
Audience/Demographic Targeting
Website Development
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Hard work pays off, and Chrissy’s operation profited and grew. As she built a name for herself in the community, her business scaled, and she introduced additional artists to her shop. As the team grew, so did the services, and Chrissy expanded the shop once more to include The Reading Room for spiritual services, and Spirit 33 Metaphysical Shop. 

Once more, Launch provided website design services along with copywriting assistance to esnure that Sei Bella and Spirit 33 was always represented in the best light, and communicating with their customers most effectively. Chrissy isn’t done yet–her business is still expanding and exploring new streams of revenue and notions of scaling. We’re here 100% for it, and proud to be by her side!

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