Hello! I’m Chantal Roeske, Owner and Chief Strategist at Launch Branding & Strategy.

Why trust me?

I know you didn’t come here to see my resume (if you want to check out my multiple bachelor’s and master’s degrees, you can always head over to LinkedIn) so I’ll cut to the chase!

For the last two decades, I’ve been building start-ups. Some of those companies have been my own. Many have been small and medium-sized businesses that needed everything from a name, to a logo, to a website! Over the years, as social media took a front seat, I used my communications and PR skills to help companies create compelling copyrighting and content for all of their channels. That whole time, I was wielding my camera and also capturing brands through commercial photography and videography. The result was that I became somewhat of a start-up maverick!

My clients found that I could take their ideas and passions and fabricate them into strong and fruitful businesses. I saw my clients’ lives transform as they built the lives they always wanted–independence, financial freedom, and the golden opportunity to be their own boss. It’s a damn good feeling! Business owners also noted that I had a lot of intuition and insight about their audience. Learning what makes your customers tick and how I can lead them to your products and services…well, that’s what fulfills me.

Personal passion aside, I’ve got some great case studies and testimonials for you.

Not to mention…a HUGE portfolio of commercial photography, videography and design work. Just ask!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Launch Branding & Strategy affordable for start-ups?

Heck yes! We’ve got a very affordable hourly rate. Some of our clients pay for small individual projects or coaching by appointment, and some do subscriptions for monthly services. Others set their own monthly retainer for what they can afford. All of our pricing is 100% transparent.

2. Do you actually participate in the online courses?

Yes! Our digital classes not only include multiple one-on-one coaching calls, but also email check-ins with feedback. Students hear my voice, and receive direct feedback on their unique entrepreneurial journey.

3. Do you handle traditional advertising?

You bet! We prepare designs for print/billboard/television all the time, and there IS a world beyond social media. In fact, building customer experience and a fantastic referral system is a branding necessity, and some of the most impactful methods aren’t digital!

4. Are you a one-woman show?

Launch Branding & Strategy is primarily focused on my branding, copywriting and strategy skills, but I’m lucky to have talented support that helps integrate my vision–from social media scheduling to full-stack development. My team is comprised of local professionals with whom I’ve worked for years.

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